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How to get an Ace tanker Mastery badge. So a lot of people ask me how I have got so many ace badges, so in this video I explain exactly how to get 1, as it's.. YouTuber >. 2 points · 6 years ago. My hardest tank to date was the T34 Premium. Took me 600 games and 1420 base XP to get the ace. level 2. PrimalSabeth. 2 points · 6 years ago. fuck me, that's a bitch to get ace tanker on. took me over 1200 battles to get it with 1480 base xp. level 2

You can do a lot of damage one week and not get it, then do the same damage next week and end up with the medal. I also got three playing my best tank in 871 battles but only 1 in 677 battles in a tank that I don't do as well in. Since it's based on playing very above average playing your above average tank helps. #3 You can easily break through enemy flanks, grab cap points, etc. Thanks to good concealment, you can stop in the bushes and shoot for 1-2 minutes, after you change position and again attack. The easiest way to get tier X tank destroyer in 10 days is HERE The easiest way to boost your WOT account with XP, credits and many more click here Reddit World of Tanks subreddit. TankRewards.com - earn free stuff just by playing World of Tanks. Tanks.gg - accurate info about WoT tanks. WoT Labs. VBAddict for long term tracking of stats/battles. Helpful for tracking MOE progress. 07 Gaming. DPG Whores. PlanetWOT. TankWarRoo

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  1. Use a tier 1 tank with at least one upgrade and stay back. Let your teammates spot the first set of tanks for you so you can rack up easy kills. Premium ammo works wonders here and is fairly cheap.
  2. Ace tanker requirements - posted in The Barracks: So since I started playing again this year the one thing I have noticed is just how hard an ace tanker is to come by, I mean I have a lot more games now where I dish out some serious hurt but Im lucky to get a 1st class. There must be some seriously good players in the top 1%, for example the game below in the Conway of all things that would.
  3. Prices: from 1-st to 7-th level - 8 €. from 8-th to 10-th level - 12 €. For some tanks, the price can differ. When you order 5 Badges, you will get a present from us - the 6th one. Receiving Mastery Badge Ace Tanker for special and gift tanks will be by arrangement. Promotional and gift tanks for agreement

WOT Content Suggestion? Always Welcome! ;o) Cause 6.000 HP of damage to enemy light tanks. Cause 2.000 HP of damage to enemy vehicles. LT/MT tier 8+ USSR/CH : Union-3 : V Is for Vengeance : Destroy 15 enemy vehicles that caused damage or hit your vehicle with no damage. Survive the battle. HT tier 6+ (KV-2) USSR/CH : Union-4 : Like a Stone Wall : Block 40 hits to your vehicles. Survive the. Even slower and less maneuverable than the bomb-carrying Ju-87, the Gustav nevertheless became an excellent tank buster. Resuming command of 1st Staffel, Rudel integrated the cannon Stukas in the.

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If you do not have enough time, just place an order from us. It is as easy and as fast as counting one, two, three! Ace Tanker. Ace Tanker; awarded to players who received a lot of experience after a battle. Ace Tanker will be assigned to you in the event that you get more experience than other players on the same tank for the last 7 days. It might not always be easy for you to achieve this award, for us it is. Let us help you for a reasonable price Tank Aces Only the very best! The best commander on each vehicle, calculated at 4/19/2021 Most American tanks don't specialize in any given area and are considered a jack of all trades tank. Because of this they are easy to pick up and provide a lot of flexibility in a battle. There is a heavily armored non-turreted tank destroyer line with excellent firepower, but low mobility. A turreted tank destroyer line bringing a little bit of everything to the table. Light tanks.

Quick steps to fix World of Tanks UI/Interface Scaling. There is an option Interface scaling in game graphics settings but currently it doesn't work. Here is a quick guide how to scale user interface in World of Tanks. A little bit more comfort is always nice. 1. Launch game and log in 2. Open Options then Graphics Settings and set Interface. Ace Tanker Earn more base XP in a single battle than the average highest experience of 99% of all players in the same tank within the last 7 days. If you want to check your Mastery Badges, from the garage, go to Service Record (top-centre of your screen) then Vehicles and you'll see your list of tanks Details of Ace Tanker Model WoT: You can obtain various accomplishments in world of tanks, but just some are as charming as the mastery badges. Medals are hard work but mastering a tank is a thing most players have yet to do.My Wot boosting service can get you that ace medal on any tank you need. If you wish for it you can have it, with all the bragging rights Medium Tanks (R) T-62A 121 121B AMX 30 B Bat.-Châtillon 25 t Carro da Combattimento 45 t Centurion Action X CS-63 E 50 Ausf. M FV4202 K-91 Leopard 1 Leopard 1 BB M48A2/T54E2/T123E6 M48A5 Patton M60 Object 140 Object 430B Object 430U Object 907 Object 907A Progetto M40 mod. 65 Progetto M40 mod. 65 BB STB-1 T-22 medium T-62A T95E6 TVP T 50/51.


Comanda un enorme arsenal de vehículos militares desde tu casa en World of Tanks. Personaliza tu vehículo como quieras. ¡Dale rienda suelta a tu imaginación 279(e) - Easiest tanks to Ace. - posted in Heavy Tanks: Hope everyone is doing well. As the topic states, I'm currently grinding towards the 279 and was wondering which tanks are the easiest one to Ace. My play style is mainly hulled down since I started this game. I played the American line (T29/T32) follow by the British medium line The ones that stand out for me is the E-100: 1650+ XP, T57 Heavy Tank: 1700+ XP, E-50: 2177 XP, Cromwell: 2457 XP. The first two for being absurdly low, the other two for being absurdly high What makes World of Tanks so great is that it matches these historical designs, staying true to a tank's characteristics. Below are some of the easiest tanks to set on fire in World of Tanks. Next time you face one of these, aim for their engine or fuel tanks and see if you can start a fire! German Medium I review the T-44, a tier 8 Russian medium tank. Stat line: Ace Tanker, 3.6k damage, 3 kills, 8 spots. I discuss the value of high ground - an age-old principle of warfare that holds true in WoT on some maps - with footage of my T44 in a Mines battle. Holding the high ground provides the following benefits

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Use in conjunction with the Tank Profiler Experience Needed to help calculate the experience required to obtain a tank package or new tank. Instructions. Enter the Base Experience then hit the Enter / Return button or Tab button to commence the calculation; Select the Type of Tank; Complete any further fields needed. For any XP Rewards or Crew Awards enter the amount then hit the Enter / Return button or Tab button to commence the calculatio Tier VIII. Light Tanks. Aufklärungspanzer V Bat.-Châtillon 12 t ELC EVEN 90 ELC EVEN 90 FL FV1066 Senlac HWK 12 HWK 30 leKpz M 41 90 mm leKpz M 41 90 mm GF LHMTV LT-432 LTTB M41 Walker Bulldog M41D Panhard AML Lynx 6x6 Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) T-44 lightweight T92 WZ-132. Medium Tanks WOT Custom Order. Filter by price. Price: $10 — $40. Add to wishlist. Quick View. Ace Tanker. ACE Tanker. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 10.00 - $ 40.00

Lafayette G. Pool is widely recognized as the U.S. tank ace of aces, credited with 12 confirmed tank kills and 258 total armoured vehicle and self-propelled gun kills. Orlik's Medal - Awarded for destroying three or more enemy tanks or tank destroyers with a light tank You can monitor your progress towards these Marks in the game. To do this, simply open your Service Record, select Vehicles, and choose the respective tank. Next, open the Awards tab on the right-hand side of the screen. To see your current score simply mouse-over the Marks of Excellence award. It will then tell you that Your current ratio is higher than the ratio of XX% of player 8.4M Mar 10, 2021. Starting as the home of the Ace libraries for World of Warcraft, WowAce quickly grew into a vibrant and passionate development community. Since its inception, Ace has been used by thousands of developers to make more than ten thousand addons. With a focus on quality and performance, those devs helped improve the experience for. Ace Tanker: Tier I-V - 5€ Tier VI-VII - 8€ Tier VIII-IX - 13€ Tier X - 18€ Reward tank - 30€ Marks of Excellence: 1 MoE (0-65%) - 15€ 2 MoE (65-85%) - 25€ 3 MoE (85-95%) - 30€ 3 MoE (0-95%) - 40€ Reward tank MoE 1 MoE (0-65%) - 20€ 2 MoE 65-85%) - 30€ 3 MoE (85-95%) - 45€ 3 MoE (0-95%) - 70€ Frontline: Level 1-15 - 25

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Convenient search engine allows you to find special World of Tanks replays that you are interested in. All tanks, all maps, all medals. Players and clans also. It is easy to sort by frags, damage, experience and so on. In addition, we have rating system to show you best replays of the week. Let's create your own replays collection. Good luck World of Tanks updates and strategy guide. First Name: Email: Home » Combat Strategies: How To Get The Top Gun Award Strategies on getting the Top Gun Achievement The Top Gun Achievement is awarded to a player with at least six kills in a single battle. It is a coveted (highly sought after) award because not many players are able to achieve such outstanding performance in a battle. However. World of tanks account boosting includes execution services Personal missions 1.0 and Personal missions 2.0, as well as services such as Grind credits of Grind experience, Stats boost, getting Ace of tanker or Marks of excellence. In the process of completing the order, you will receive various achievements, epic medals, class marks and much more

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World of Tanks. Player Support. Search. Menu. My Tickets My Bans All articles Collector Vehicles. What are Collector vehicles? How changes will be applied upon patch release; What are Collector vehicles? They are like any other regular tech tree tank, but they are obtained differently via the Collector Vehicles tab: To unlock a vehicle you need to research its specific tier in its related. Earn a particular number of Ace Tanker awards (3 levels of difficulty, rewarded with the Tank Ace decal). Fight a particular number of battles in one vehicle (5 levels of difficulty, rewarded with the Battle-Hardened decal). Progressive decals depending on difficulty leve Mastery Badge: Ace Tanker Awarded for mastery in controlling an armored vehicle. To qualify, a player must earn more experience in a battle than the average highest experience of 99% players who have fought in this vehicle for the previous 7 day

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Professional Service of earning Mastery badge: Ace Tanker on any tank, EU and NA servers only! 2300+ Positive eBay Feedback WOT Blitz Guide: Comet. November 10, 2018 April 2, 2019 / Miku. Pros: ~insane rof, 3.4 sec rld fully equipped. ~fairly mobile. ~good accuracy. ~extreme depression -12 degrees. ~good camo values. ~Very good view range. ~turret had large mantlet that absorbs shots. Cons: ~abysmal pen values. ~low alpha. ~weak armor. ~altho turret had a large mantlet its not well angled. How to Play: The comet is. World of Tanks is easy to pick up but is a hard game to master. For new players, the low tiers (1-5) are all about learning the ropes against similarly experienced opponents. With this in mind, I am going to go over five crucial aspects of WoT that all new players must get to grips with before moving to the higher tiers. These skills will massively increase your survivability on the. Not a bad Ace Tank game in the WOT Russian Tier 6 Premium Medium Rudy Tank. Really good game. Felt great and using gun depression well. My camo was working great below the hill in the Forest. I also..

The German tank tree without a doubt has the best heavy tanks for their tiers. Tiger Is, Tiger IIs and the Maus are all well armoured tanks with fantastic firepower to match. The only true issue with the German heavy tank line is it doesn't start early enough :P First heavy is the Tiger H1 at BR 5.7 Lafayette G. Pool is widely recognized as the U.S. tank ace of aces, credited with 12 confirmed tank kills and 258 total armored vehicle and self-propelled gun kills. Orlik's Medal Awarded for destroying two or more enemy tanks or tank destroyers with a light tank Download Solo's Easy ModPack for the game World of Tanks on the official website of WoT. Get an advantage over the enemy in battle

Ace Tankers is a leading owner, operator, and manager of a fleet of 40 tankers. We focus on sophisticated multi-grade stainless steel chemical tankers. Ace Tankers was born in 2008 out of the joint venture formerly known as Chem-Tankers. Our fleet is operated globally in a mixture of long term COA's and spot business. Read more. We are committed Tier: I: Tank name: Leichttraktor: Global win percentage: 50,7%: Global WN8: 564: Best feature(s) View range, stock gun: Worst feature(s) Somewhat weak armor: Performance analysis - Leichttraktor has the best stock gun of any Tier I tanks and is, therefore, the easiest to do well in from the get-go.Its armor is nothing to boast about, even at tier I, but it can bounce some stray autocannon shells Progressive Decals: Become a Tank Ace! Published by on 05.06.2020. Progressive Decals—the new way to make a statement on the battlefield. They inspire fear and command respect. They show what you've got and they're directly on your vehicle, instead of in the depths of your Personal Record. What are they and how can you improve them? Check out the video and let us know what you think of. WOT- World of Tanks Deutschland has 20,338 members. Wir sind eine Gruppe für die Gruppe. Hast Du Fragen? Schiess los!! Hast Du ein super Gefecht gehabt, oder willst Du einfach nur mal Frust ablassen? Hier darf man das! Diese Gruppe ist eine WoT-Gruppe. Alle Post oder Kommentare die nichts mit dem Spiel WoT zu tun haben, können und werden von einem Admin gelöscht . Eben ein Wort zum. Jan 6, 2017 - World of Tanks T23E3is tier VII American premium medium tank and My game. I get Ace Tanker for this game. 1.954 dmg is impressive for me on this tank. 4 kil..

Premium tanks are vehicles that can be bought for gold (premium currency in WoT) or for real money in Premium Shop. 'Why would I spend real money on a game?' u may ask. Well, if your intention is to reach higher tiers (VIII, IX, X) in this game and spend some time playing those tanks, you will need one, or your acc will experience the same fate as the Stock market in the USA 1929 Buy World of Tanks boosting at best prices! Order credits, convertible XP, personal missions, wn8 boost, gun marks. Get WoT boosting now This project is to revive the outdated Tiger Ace 205 Crew Voice Mod posted in the World of Tank forum. The Video is a preview. P.s. I don't know why I am keep using aim assist in this game, maybe I was not quite awake at the time I was playing. Download Link (4.4mb) Disclaimer: For Skip to content. Search for: Search. MatchyHK- World of Tanks WOT related stuff. Mods. COH- Tiger Ace 205.

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WoT 3on3 Ace Cup #74 Europe. Info . Bracke Top 5 WoT Tanks selected for Boosting your win rate and armor makes this tank a formidable opponent on the battlefield. It is not, however, an easy tank to play, and making good use of its features requires some experience. Object 430U: Position: 2: Tank name: Object 430U: Global win percentage: 52,3% : Firepower and Gun Handling - Low DPM (2588), bad accuracy (0.40), high aim time for a. Tanks Community My Stats TANKER REWARDS Rewards Home › Clans. Aces And Eights [ACE] Clan Rules. Application pending. Request to Join. Membership Policy: Open for applications. Clan Members (41) Herk11 Commander. WoT 3on3 Ace Cup #101 Europe. Info . Bracket . Path View Team EASY 5x5 wins ! Lineup: Team EASY 5x5. Angry_Angel. Mutagen24k. Steep_XD. rotata 3*3. MDilov. tapata766. Change lineup. Round 1; Team: rotata 3*3 . Tank Player Kills. Buy Ace Tanker medal for yourself in World of Tanks. Boosting will be played by professional players. Safe delivery, satisfaction guaranteed. 24/7 customer support and warranty. Premium WoT services from Overtank

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Why is it so easy to ace? - posted in Game Discussion: Why is the mastery badge such an easy thing these days. Just last week, I aced three tanks in three days. Anyone else? Jump to content. Search Advanced. Search section: This topic; Forums; Help Files ; World of Tanks Blitz Official Asia Forum → WoT Blitz Asia Language Based Communities → English Speaking Community → Game Discussion. World of Tanks Best Light Tanks in Every Tier In this article we help tankers all around the world to find out the best overall light tank for every tier. Light tanks got the speed, they got the camouflage rating, and they are your eyes on the battlefield. Whatever tier you need, I got.. World of Tanks Best Heavy Tank. Heavy tanks are one of five classes in WoT. Characterized by their heavily armored frames and substantial firepower, this class is perfect for leading the charge.

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If you wonder off into parts of the map on your own, without allied tanks nearby, you might become an easy lone target for two, or more, enemies to pick off. Always try to stay reasonably close to at least a few allied tanks so that you can provide support fire for them, and vice versa. With a few allied tanks nearby, you can try some flanking manoeuvres (flank fire) on hostiles they're. Lower tier premium tanks will earn a higher percentage bonus, although this will probably not be enough to make them better on a per-game basis than higher tier (and more expensive) premium tanks (simply because higher tier tanks earn more XP on average). Prior to this update, the Churchill III (premium tier 5 Russian heavy tank) was the only premium tank in the game with an XP bonus (of 1.35. When fighting with larger amounts of friendly tanks it can be easy to get into a clusterfuck, so mind the other tanks around, and don't go infront of friendly guns that are pointed at the enemy, you will just end up eating a shell from the friendly. I won't go too much into this subject because there is also a good video of it done by Wargaming (see above), mind the tractors, they are a. Automatic statistics update for your World of Tanks account; Patron access in the forums; Become a Patron! If you want to send us a one time donation, you can do it via PayPal: Latest Update (04/02/2021): Faster statistics updates, better performance and bugfixes! Welcome to WoTLabs! This is a website dedicated to tracking the statistics of World of Tanks players. Using this website, you can. WoT Statisitken für folgende Server EU,US,RU,ASIA,XBOX,PS4. Konsolenspieler aufgepasst! Bitte die Suffixe -x (XBOX) oder -p (PS4) bei der Suche nach euren Stats addieren! Wähle Spielserver: Suchen Verfolge Deine neueste WoT Fortschritte und Entwicklung der Leistungen und Statistiken in der Zeit. Folgende Bewertungen werden unterstütz: WN7, WN8 und Effizienz. Mithilfe der Diagrammen kannst.

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Good HP, Average DPM, Penetration 140, Damage 640, Reload time: 15.16, High damage, Big caliber. All about the tank: hidden stats, armor, 3D mode Suppose that group of 12 tanks moves in one direction to attack. By using the maneuvers previously described in this guide (shooting at tracks, correct setting of the hull), this attack can be blocked by using only 8 vehicles, forcing the enemy to attack alone. Other 6 vehicles can be used to break through poorly defended (or even undefended) flank and then capture the enemy flag or surround. I just got an Ace Tanker medal in the WOT Russian tier 4 Valentine 2. This is another high ranking tank on the VB Wot Stats page. Good night in low tier light tanks. Feeling good 4. Locate folder c:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\ and delete all from there WoT related. (this folder is hidden, you will need to enable hidden files). 5. Restart PC 6. Now for the pain in the ass part. Install all mods again WOT - Its Harder To Ace The Best Tanks | World of Tanks. January 1, 2021 admin Leave a comment. My Patreon Page; Shop! Become a Channel Member Click JOIN! Thanks to everyone who helps out.Follow me and share my videos on Facebook; Uncategorized Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * Website. Save my name, em

T-34/85 - WoT - Easy to Build. A new line in scale 1:72 easy to assemble complete with stand base, in-game Bonus code (PC version), Invitation code (PC version) and stickers for customizations . The bonus code is only valid for the European and American game server. Arguably the best medium tank of World War II, the T-34-85 was a crucial factor in the outcome of the conflict. Over 35,000 were. Ace your vehicles. For each modification tier fully unlocked (a full row) you get extra RP to the research of the next vehicle. This also means that using aced vehicle is a bit of a waste if you have non-aced vehicle left in the tree Playing mixed battles (tanks+planes) to grind a plane is not a good idea at all : you won't have that many occasions to use your plane and thus (plane RP only. Object 260 is the last of four tanks available to unlock during the individual missions in January 2015. It is a Russian tier X heavy tank. It connects great mobility with very good armor and firepower. This tank is very good in all aspects. One can even risk saying that he might dethrone IS-7 on level X battlefields. This tank has very thick turret which is almost impenetrable. Its only. The legendary tank shooter. Fight in 7vs7 team battles alone or with friends, research and upgrade armored vehicles, experiment with different tactics and win. Choose a tank and join the battle Kurt Knispel, a German tank ace during WWII, participated in battles on both theWestern and Eastern Fronts fighting on PzKpfw II, PzKpfw III, PzKpfw IV, PzKpfw VI Tiger, and PzKpfw VI Ausf. B Tiger II. Popel's Medal (IV-I class) Awarded for detecting enemy tanks and self-propelled guns in all battles, in four classes: Class IV - 20 vehicles, Class III - 200 vehicles, Class II - 2,000.

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